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BEE MY HONEY products come from award-winning beekeepers farms. With more than 30 years of experience and working around 350 bee colonies rotated several times per season, we manage to get the best from wonderful Mother Nature.

Our beekeeping products are as pure and distinctive as the land they come from. The closer we get to nature, the more likely we are to find a product that replicates natural intention. The colours and flavours found in our products reflect the season in which they were harvested from the hive. Our philosophy is based around uniqueness, simplicity, and purity. Therefore, we are delighted to present to you a variety of exclusive products.

How do we get the best Raw Honey!!!

How Do You Tell Your Bees Which Honey To Go To?

We do not. Bees will go to the closest, freshest flowering source, and work it until it is done flowering. Then they will find a new flower source.

Bees can be manipulated somewhat. For example, beehives are moved from flower plantation to forests/mountains in order to pollinate different honeys. The beekeepers remove the honey after the particular fields are done flowering. This way, the beekeepers ensure that they have for example Rapeseed honey.

In season, many things bloom at once. The bees might find dandelions, clover, tulip poplar, black locust, skunkweed, and any number of blooming gardens during our honey season. We let the bees go where they will, and the resultant honey is called Wildflower honey.


"I first discovered BEE MY HONEY about 6 month ago. I have tried so many other honeys that said they were natural honeys and none had the incredible taste or fragrance that BEE MY HONEY has. If you are expecting the type of honey sold at grocery stores or even most of the health food stores this is not it. This is a dense, light coloured natural honey (Wildflower honey) with the natural capping's of the hive." (Jane, 47)

Buying raw / unprocessed / honey, you know exactly what is inside: Honey! And I had a lot of difficulties to find high quality raw honey, but BEE MY HONEY products fulfil all my expectations, I'm so pleased with the raw, unprocessed quality of the product. My advice: Consume raw honey! Ask questions, analyse, and make wise decisions when shopping!  Definetely will be back to shop again with BEE MY HONEY. (Mark, 58)

"I love the BEE MY HONEY shop. The reason being that it is raw honey it has not been heat treated ,which destroys some of the properties in honey.
This honey comes from award winning Beekeepers farms, which doesn't come cheap but it is very good honey. The flavour is lovely ,I do not usually like the taste of honey but this is good. I am sure it helps to keep me well. There are many different honeys and the information is there about each individual honey as regards flavour and consistency." (Jane, 37)

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